GH Wellness Glutawheat Whitening Soap

Glutathione plus Wheat Grass



Wheat Grass, Glutathione, Collagen, Olive Oil


Glutawheat Soap is a supreme combination of natural organic ingredients. It is a revolutionary formulation created through intensive research and pass through cold processing, the method which preserves the potency of active and natural ingredients as follows:

  • Wheatgrass extracts which has a great variety of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and organic phosphates.
  • Olive oil which has a high level of anti-oxidants particularly Vitamin E.
  • Collagen moisturizes and improves skin tone making it more younger looking.
  • Glutathione known as the master anti-oxidant.

Glutawheat whitening soap provides anti-oxidant, skin whitening, moisturizer and anti-bacterial, a total protection that makes your skin younger and firm looking, healthier and whiter.